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About Anthony.fi. I have a lot of interests and hobbies. I am making this website Anthony.fi so links are not lost and people can learn from my gathering of information.
The first area of my hobbies and interests I will be focusing on is Northern Lights and photography.
I intend on editing the about page as often as I add to or update the website. Even though this is a WordPress site it requires maintenance and tweaks to it all of the time. Some changes wont be noticed but it will make a small differences.

Anthony.fi will steadily gain more pages on some of my other hobbies and interests as I have mentioned before. I will hopefully create a small sales page of somethings I have made but that will be when it is warmer and I can get in to the workshop.

Work shop has had some action and now I am waiting for some leather stamps. A makers mark and pattern stamp. Looking forward to unleashing my artisan skills.

The best thing about anthony.fi is that it will change and evolve.

Photographing fireworks Canon 6D
Photographing fireworks Canon 6D
Photographing fireworks Canon 6D
Screen shot from Photographing fireworks Canon 6D

Try something new

I am hoping to inspire you. Try something new. The website will slowly fill up with guides and information about Northern Lights.
Photography. Computer Skills.

A lot of the things are not as difficult as you think. Also if you do not try you wont succeed

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We have a fantastic team behind the scenes. We have specialists in Northern lights. Photographers, guides, translators and a technical translator.
I am partly making this website for me and partly making it to help people see northern lights for the first time.

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