All things Northern Lights.

Green isn’t just the colour of money. It is the colour of Northern Lights. I am trying to include as much data as I can. So that you will have the best chance in seeing and photographing this amazing event. I have made a Northern Lights Forecast page to help you.

Its early days in to the creation of the website, check the about page and I will try and keep you updated on content and what I am doing.

the-basics/ 3 day forecast and some other data.
take-amazing-photographs-of-northern-lights/ How to photograph the Northern Lights.
inspiring-foregrounds-for-northern-lights/ Ideas and suggestions on how to improve your photography.
aurora-webcams/ Webcams.
best-aurora-links/ links.
top-7-weather-links/ My favourite sites for weather.

Aurora – Northern Lights Regional Tools

I have started to create a series of tool pages for certain areas and places. These tools include weather tools. It also contains map links and light pollution maps. Links to the nearest data source for all of the information about density, Bz and solar windspeed. It also has a links for 2 good space weather apps Jemma and spaceweatherlive.

I started with.

This website is always under revision. If you are visiting here from our Facebook group you can contact Engelsman Finland with suggestions for updates or new pages. I am struggling finding weather cameras that are north facing.

northern lights - Aurora
Photo taken outside Loviisa while searching for low light pollution areas.