4 key Spaceweatherlive features

Spaceweatherlive KPThe Kp scale.
Higher the Kp the better chance you have of seeing the Aurora.
Spaceweatherlive.com widget changes colour the stronger it gets.
More detailed information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K-index
Spaceweatherlive WInd SpeedSolar Wind Speed.
When a solar storm hits the wind speed will step up. This is a great sign of a storm hitting. Higher the number the better.
More information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_wind
Spaceweatherlive WInd DensitySolar Wind Density
The solar wind density is also a good number to watch as a storm hits the numbers will step up. Again higher the number the better-
Spaceweatherlive BZMagnetic Field Bz
The Bz fluctuates all of the time. I have personally found that when it goes in to -Bz it northern lights are more active. I am willing to be corrected on this.
Magnetic field – Wikipedia
A brief break down.
If the Kp is high, solar wind speed and density are high and the Bz is in a minus figure.
You will have a very good chance of seeing northern lights.

3 Out of 4 on Spaceweatherlive

This is an observation that I and a few other northern lights photographers have noticed. In Uusimaa southern Finland on rare occasions it is possible to see northern lights with a low Kp. With very high wind speed, density and a -Bz the Aurora can be visible at Kp2 as far south as Loviisa.
So if 3 out of the 4 are high check a webcam from our list https://anthony.fi/aurora/best-aurora-links/ this will save you from getting cold while waiting to see something.