The Easy Northern Lights Forecast

Clear skies

are not


Northern Lights
Forecast Check List

Solar Storm

+- 3 days is how long it takes for a solar winds to
arrive to earth

Higher solar wind speed

When the northern lights storm hits the wind speed picks up.

Raised Kp -Bz

The Kp steps and the Bz drops.

no cloud

Clear skies – or the cloud blocks it

Noaa has a great calender

Planning pays off.

Planning ahead will mean you can pre plan locations and amenities

Northern lights forecasts for weather

It is almost always cloudy for me so I wish you good luck

Use your phone if it has a weather app.

if you are in Finland I will suggest using it gives you 2 independent reviews at once.

If you are hunting and want a lot of data from all sorts of places visit our own page of the top-7-weather-links they include websites that has information about cloud cover.


in Short

You need 2 things. Clear skies and an active Northern lights storm.

Happy Hunting! Good luck!

This helped me so much. You are the best for Northern Lights Forecasts!

Mrs Melissa Smith-Martin

Melissa made me propose to her under the northern lights that you helped her find!

MR Roy Martin