Rovaniemi Northern Lights Helpful Tools

Welcome. We have made Rovaniemi Northern Lights Links page with you in mind. All of the links are area related. For example the weather link will take you to weather forecasts in Rovaniemi, the Rovaniemi Light pollution map is helping you find clear skies and saving you time in the same manner.
The 2 space weather websites and observation station data will complete the Aurora package.

Weather links

Supersää why have 1 weather prediction when you can have 2!

Map links

Google map for Rovaniemi. Use the local Rovaniemi map to scout out good viewing locations-
Light Pollution Map for Rovaniemi. The Rovaniemi Light pollution map is perfect if you have transport or you do not have a guide.

FMI Activity now.

Rovaniemi Light Pollution Map. Rovaniemi Northern Lights
Rovaniemi Light Pollution Map Link

GPS location


Nearest Observation Station


Ranuas last 6 hours of observations

2 Websites for space weather data packed with lots of live and current data.
Spaceweatherlive Even more data, webcam links, information about CME’s and other phenomenon.


You have weather, maps and a Rovaniemi Light pollution map.

Gps location, nearest Observation Station which can be used with the Space weather data from 2 websites.

This should be enough tools to know when you have the best opportunities for viewing the Rovaniemi northern lights.

Rovaniemi northern lights Webcams

Visit Rovaniemi – webcams