Top 7 Weather Forecast Links

Gathering the best weather forecasts links was a fun mini project. Chasing the northern lights can be a battle of the clouds. It would be nice if someone would combine a light pollution map combined with a cloud weather forecast map. That would speed things up for chasing the aurora borealis.

Weather forecast links.

The (Norwegian weather institute) is in the links because they have better accuracy on their forecast. Which will improve your northern lights hunts. Although I live in Finland I have to admit The Norwegians have great weather websites and apps. Change your location to where you are.  I really like this website because it give you the weather reports from 2 websites. No weather prediction is 100% correct. But having 2 sets of data will help you make an informed decision.

Cloud coverage over Nordic countries.;24.9;5&l=clouds-total   You get your place cloud coverage with cursor.,61.567,23.906,7,m:fmGagRU You get your place cloud coverage with flag.