Beavercraft Sloyd Knife Blade

Beavercraft Sloyd Knife Blade
Beavercraft Sloyd Knife pre glue and clamping (scroll down for more pictures).

Beavercraft Sloyd Knife Blade

This Beavercraft Sloyd Knife Blade was part of a give-away for Nathaniels Outdoor Adventures. Brisa generously provided the knife blade.
This project was a great build. Part of the fun was not knowing was if it was for a left or right handed person.

The Give AwaY

I am waiting to post the knife to the lucky winner. Nathaniel would like to say “He is very grateful to Brisa!” (and obviously me.)
I will take the opportunity to promote Nathaniel’s channel. Nathaniel is a keen “detector” and likes being out and about. He is a genuine, nice person. He has found some amazing things while being out with the metal detector. He mentioned to me that he is planning some camping style videos when it gets a bit colder.

Apple Wood drilled and filed
Apple Wood drilled and filed for fit.
Fixture and fit
Fixture and fit is very important and slow with hard fruit woods.
 glue and clamp and alignment
The fun part glue and clamp and alignment.
Knife handle is shaped
Lines are cut in to the handle for left or right handed people.
rough sanded the knife, then varnish and waxed
I rough sanded the knife, then varnish and waxed.
Rough sanding improves the grip while whittling
Rough sanding improves the grip while whittling.

The sheath

sheath with to little leather
First try but I used to little leather.
Used the old sheath as a template.
Used the old sheath as a template.
Before edging / burnishing
Before edging / burnishing
Finished Sheath.
Finished Sheath.
Burnishing tool and edging
Burnishing tool and edging

Beavercraft Sloyd knife and sheath

I have learnt some lessons and I thought showing my failures and successes would inspire you.
YOU CAN DO THIS! You can make your own knife handle and sheath. The handle is apple wood and curly birch all locally sourced.
I am pleased I have finally made the “burnishing tool” it is made from oak and it only took a few minutes on a lathe.

Lessons learnt.

Firstly always, always, always have 2cm of extra leather around the stitching area of your sheath.
Secondly watch the clamping. It has a tendency to slide around.
Lastly. Don’t be afraid to be different. I have used straight and curved lines. Which will make this knife stand out.

Knife – 2 hours in material selection, fixture and fit. 1 hour shaping. Sanding – finishing 40 minutes (not including drying times.)
Sheath – Template.. 15 mins, Cutting – stitching an hour. Remaking everything plus thought time. 2 hours.

Thank you

Thanks for reading this. Thank you to Brisa! (It’s been fun) Thank you Nathaniels outdoor adventures! Looking forward to the next knife!
All in all I have turned a Beavercraft Sloyd Knife Blade that costs less than 15€ in to a small piece of art, the handle works well in either hand. Materials are sourced locally. If you are interested in something being made send me an email
To read more about the other give away follow this link.