Brisa Give Away! BeaverCraft Sloyd knife – NKD Beaver 70

Brisa Give Away
Surprise box from

Brisa Give Away!

I am writing this after opening a box containing a Beavercraft sloyd knife and an NKD Beaver 70 from this will be a give away for a YouTube channel that I like and support.

The contents of the box included.

All of these materials plus some love care and some local wood will be used in creating 2 unique knives.

I will also be photographing the stages and sharing the pictures to Instagram.

NKD Beaver 70 -Brisa
NKD Beaver 70
Beavercraft Sloyd knife - Brisa
Beavercraft Sloyd knife

Beavercraft Sloyd Knife

Thanks to the generosity of Brisa I am running a 2 stage give away with Nathaniel Outdoor Adventures on YouTube. Nathan is a genuinely nice person, He is a metal detector enthusiast, explorer of caves and rivers. He also likes camping (but not when its mosquito season.)

This is a bit of an update. – The comments of the video looks like I will be using local wood (about chop local).

Nathaniel Outdoor Adventures

I made a Karesuando Skinner – An all round useful knife for every day camping. A bit more on how it was made here.

Nessmuk – Heavy duty camping knife great for all sorts of jobs including crafting camp furniture and splitting wood. A few images here.

Spoon knife – One of the trickiest tools i have ever made. The curved handle is to make sure you grip the knife. (It is bloomin sharp.) I had to create a new style of clamp for attaching the handle. A deer leather pouch to stash camping items. A leather pad because the knife is so sharp and to reduce injuries in the event of a slip (have you seen Nathans finger? That was getting out of a wet suit.) So the knife blade when stored should face the thick leather pad. The whitish cloth has my home made wax to keep the blades rust free and the handles treated.

I hope you enjoyed the video. So if you would like a chance of winning one of the knives, simply subscribe to Nathans channel and comment.

NKD Beaver 70

A lovely looking knife that will be an amazing EDC (every day carry) for one of Nathans viewers. It feels great in the hand without a handle. (Really excited about this one!)

Want to buy a knife?

If you do not win the competition I can make you a knife handle and sheath for most knives. I have a lovely collection of wood and materials. Pricing starts at around 100€ But you will have a photo history a choice of woods. Something practical and made with care and love.

I am not earning a sales commission with Brisa. I approached Brisa with an idea to showcase my work, create content, to promote these items and give them away and to support other people.