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Karesuando Skinner 80

Karesuando Skinner 80 is an amazing knife with an 8cm blade length. This was a made for a friend in Switzerland.
Check out Nathans – Youtube chanel.
I suggested this style of blade because it is very versatile for camping. Preparing game or vegetables. Whittling or other outdoor uses. They are reasonable in price. Easy to sharpen.

The pictures makes the project look quite fast, but I had to choose the wood. Or let the wood choose it’s self. Planning different styles or forms. Drying times and gluing. How much to keep or remove from the handle.
It was a great project to make and I hope this inspires you to try making a knife handle.

Karesuando Skinner 80 Gallery

Karesuando Skinner 80 Blank
Material selection
Cuts for the banding.
Dry fit.
Glued and clamped.

The main part of the handle is curly birch. This was sourced locally. The wood has been dried and stored for over 5 years.
The small dark piece against the edge of the blade was saved from scrap wood from a design school. So in my mind I have done the best I can to keep it local. Upcycling, recycling, re-purposing some things that might be binned or burnt.
The handle was sealed with bees wax and paraffin oil mix. This seals and weather proofs the handle. The same mix can be used on the leather sheath I made.

Back to Starter Projects. You can buy this blank form Brisa.

Starter Projects, Lauri Carbon 70, Chef 160, Karesuando Skinner 80

The workshop is starting to warm up so it is time for the inner artisan to begin some starter projects. Lauri Carbon 70, Karesuando Skinner 80 , Chef 160.

These are budget builds and they wont over stretch a budget.

Order. Order. Order.

Before you order price check. I will disclose that at least one of the blades is cheaper elsewhere.

starter projects - Lauri Carbon 70 -

Lauri Carbon 70

First impressions. A small blade. Buffing is a bit rough. Good quality. Interesting tip. Could be nice as part of a set for back packing.

about visit Brisa to buy this or get more details about the knife blank.

Lauri Carbon 70 - Leather and curly birch
Leather and curly birch.
Starter Projects - Karesuando Skinner 80

Karesuando Skinner 80

First impressions. Usable blade size not to small. Shiny, very shiny. Might modify the grind. Short and wide tang so it will be strong. I think it would look very good with a scandi grind.

about visit Brisa to buy this or get more details about the knife blank.

Starter projects - Chef 160

Chef 160

First impressions. Nice weight and length. Rather impressed. I think it will look great when its finished. Favourite out of the bunch.

about visit Brisa to buy this or get more details about the knife blank.

Chef 160 curly birch
Fitted with a curly birch handle.

Starter Projects – Knife handles

A nice package. That did not break the bank. I will create a page about each knifes workshop life. The Chef 160 certainly has me itching to get back in to the workshop at last. Purchased from Well packed.