Your Donation Counts

Your money helps with a few things.

  • Hosting
  • URL renewal
  • Updates
  • Future projects

PayPal has charges. “only 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction” Is the information I am finding. By my calculation (could be wrong) 1€ will 32.2c to them 67.8c to me 2€ will be 34.4c to them and 1.65.6€ to me? this could obviously change with exchange rates.

If the donations exceed The top 2. Hosting and URL fees. I will invest in some things for making video tutorials or having technical documents translated to an understandable language. (have you ever read the wikipedia explanation about northern lights)

If you have not donated but wish to sponsor this website. Again thank you. Add a note to a donation or you could sponsor a page. Pay for a page. The list is endless. I think sometimes we are only limited by our imagination.