How to stream northern lights

If you are disappointed with seeing all of the fake websites promoting their stream. This “is” a guide on how to stream northern lights. I will also write a how to video northern lights guide

Shopping list

  1. Sony A7s.
  2. Canon ef 24mm f2.8 .
  3. Sigma adapter.
  4. Tripod.
  5. Fake battery, to powerbank or mains electricity.
  6. Micro USB cable.
  7. Surge Protection (useful to protect your gear)


I have been photographing northern lights for a few years now. Although we have limited chances in the south especially during a solar minimum.

The main reason for streaming is to show how it is live. A real version. Not a time lapse of edited photos. I also would like to travel and film northern lights. and possibly make a youtube version.

Things to do

There is a lot to do. small things. I have dedicated a laptop with a few basic tools.

Download and install (MAC or PC)

OBS – Download | OBS (
Imaging Edge Webcam –

IF you want to live stream on Youtube you must use the account first. I tried a live stream and it said must wait 24 hours. Facebook works quite well, but a few live streams will get the streams to run smoothly.


I have been trying to configure things for a while. The easiest way I have found to get things going is having OBS running.

OBS works well connecting to Facebook.

I changed a few settings on the camera. I do not know how much it will effect the videos until a few more tests, this is early days for me.

It is important to select the main use of the micro usb cable.

how to stream northern Lights

I will do my talk through and then a nice list with images.

Configure your camera.

I turned off a few battery saving features. I turned off the rear screen. I put the camera in to airplane mode which will switch off WiFi and other features. I also will experiment with the noise reduction features. and amend a few things in this article.

Set the video to Mp4 mode. ISO 25600 Fstop down to f2.8. Camera is in M Manual mode. USB connection – PC remote, USB LUN – Multi, Recording setting 1440 x 1080.

Set the lens to infinity. (Fine tuning can be done via the PC screen.)

Camera will work freehand but a tripod will give you better stability. Once the camera is set up.

  • Start your laptop.
  • Start OBS.
  • Connect the USB cable, to the laptop,
  • Turn the camera on.
  • OBS, Sources, select your camera.

If you are LUCKY everything will work first time. I have had issues with damaged micro USB cables, the batteries running out to fast, the wrong settings. There are not many posts around this subject. I will post images of the main settings I have changed.

The next phase will be to configure OBS for streaming.

Start streaming, Stream, Service

Face book has a key system.
Live stream, Go Live – Select, Streaming Software Setup, Advanced Settings, Persistent Stream Key

Your video should be showing on the lower box. Next is to give it a title, then a description.

Is this the easiest way on how to stream northern lights? I would like to say yes. I will add to this “HOW TO STREAM NORTHERN LIGHTS” post with details for YouTube once I try a few practice streams.


This is not a cheap setup new. I bought most of the gear pre owned.
Sony a7s rarely come up second hand. I paid 250€. 500 – 600€ will get you one in Finland.
You can use an a7s, a7sii or a7siii.
The tripod, cables, laptop, powerbank and lens I already own.
The sigma lens converter cost 120€ pre owned.
The Battery pack. Amazon 35€ inc postage.

A wise purchase would be a wide LOW Fstop Lens 1.4 or 1.8 . The F2.8 is producing images but I am trying to find a bargain. So i can use a lower ISO and less noise with my images.


This will vary due to surroundings and the moon. For example the moon and snow will light up your foreground a lot.

Create a “go to” set up. Mine is ISO 25600 and f2.8. It is not difficult to increase or decrease the ISO.
Yours could well be different due to light pollution, or lens.


Consider foregrounds – 6 Inspiring foregrounds for Northern Lights

How changing the ISO form 800 to 12000 will improve the stream.
Needs to be viewed full screen!