Knife Blades

Knife Blades

I have a few sources for knife blades. First things first you MUST decide the function of a knife. I will add to this section later as it is a early days for these pages.

Do not be shy – ask sellers questions and if you are worried about asking questions Tell them the Englishman at sent you..
Price check and Price check again with postage. Its your money. Spend it wisely. (You can always send me a few euro as a thank you).

  1. – This is a well known supplier for all things related to knife making. You could do a 1 stop shop here and walk away a happy person.
  2. – Not so well known as the store above but has a wide range of goods. Again a 1 stop shop.
  3. – This should only be uses in search of a specific item. Be careful.
    Buying from outside of the EU will bring you a world of taxes and hurt to your wallet.

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Assorted Knife Blades

Knife Blades -


Karesuando Skinner – here.

Nessmuk 125 – here.