Knife Handle Materials

Knife Handle materials

The most common knife handle materials for beginners is Wood, Horn, Bone, Birch bark and Vulcanized card.

Both Brisa and Puukot supply materials for knife making. I gather my own and call it “chop local” (pun intended).

Chop Local

One easy way is to get your own wood supplies from a Forest or a Garden. Ask Landowners consent. Speak to local Lumberjacks. If you see a neighbour chopping down a tree. Ask for some.
Gluing and sealing the ends will help avoid splitting during the drying process. Remember the wood (without assistance) will dry roughly 1 inch per year. EG: a 3 inch thick plank will take 3 years to dry.

How to’s

Knife handle materials - drop point blade - Finnish style handle

Elämää luonnossa: A guide with good images explaining the process of making a Finnish style puukko handle. If you do not speak Finnish, translate the web page It might make no sense but the images will help no end!

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