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Knife Handles

Knife Handles

Making Knife handles is a nice hobby. A knife is a tool after all. For example a skinning knife is different to filleting knife or a pairing knife.
So if someone asks me to lend them a knife I usually end up asking “what are you going to do with it?”

I prefer to make my own knife handles because i get to source the materials used and unleash the inner artisan within myself.

I source my supplies in any number of ways and I am listing some of them here as a reference. I am getting OLDER and i keep loosing all of the links. I find having them in one place is really useful. Sharing is caring. Knowledge is power. Use the links and make something.

Due to the brexit taxation from the UK has made it an expensive place to buy and ship materials for my hobby. SO i will focus on my European links.

I will split this in to 3 Sections

There will be lists of materials.

Where to get them.

Project how to’s.
Karesuando is a great 8cm skinner, I photographed most of the process.

Puukot and Brisa are the main 1 stop shops for knife handles supplies in Finland.
I am not sponsored by them (yet). But i am open to test products.
When shopping you should always price check! Saving a few euro will mean more projects in the future.

First Order (of the year) read more about whats in the package.

Knife and sheath

Knife handles -