Knife Sheath Materials

Knife Sheath Materials

Knife Sheath Materials can be found all over the internet. But I have been struggling with the price of leather in Finland.
Some places it can get expensive and fast. Kydex is a specialist material and again some issues BUT I managed to get some while the UK was in the EU for testing purposes.

Kydex Sheath Materials suppliers

I am new to working with KYDEX. SO new I have the supplies but I have not made any. With this in mind I will post the UK supplier and the main one stop link.

  1. – This supplier sent them promptly, well packaged and the sheets are reasonably priced.
  2. – The one stop shop strikes again.

Leather Sheath Making Suppliers

  1. – High quality Italian leather at street prices. I will add a recommend product to this part. If (like me) you are learning a skill, look at this PRODUCT. Double Butt leather has a good thickness for knife making and it is affordable.
  2. – The one stop shop strikes again. I use this shop as they are reliable. But they can be a bit more expensive than a specialist.
  3. – Again a one stop shop but I have to give you the option to check out what is available.

Brisa and puukot have leather tools as well. I am not trying to be biased about the leather sheath making suppliers. I am open to more suggestions of other retailers of knife sheath materials.

Thread for leather crafting

There are cheap and expensive brands of waxed thread. I think hand crafted products should be made with quality products. A lot of leather workers use Tiger thread. All of the 1 stop shops of knife sheath materials have it in stock. I spoke to a company in the UK.
They are willing to help with the “postage requirements” and changing requirements to Finland. Remember to shop around. Try different colour threads and make you sheath stand out.

  1. Leather Goodies Company – Customer service is important to me. I received that. Reasonable postage rate. I received that as well!

How to’s

These are not my How To’s :

But to make life easier I am sharing other peoples guides. I will “Borrow” an Image from their page. & . Name the Website / Blog it comes from.
This is what i call a disclaimer.
I am not trying to “Hijack” your images. But I am trying to show people what YOU are making before they click the link.
If you see a project you like make a list of knife sheath materials that you will need. PRICE CHECK with postage included and allow for taxes if it is outside of the EU in my case or for your Zone.

Knife sheath materials - how to make a drop point sheath

Elämää luonnossa:

A Finnish Style knife sheath. If you do not understand Finnish use translate. But I will say the Images explain the process really well.

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