Nessmuk 125 – Brisa

BRISA Nessmuk 125

What an amazing piece of equipment. BRISA Nessmuk 125 has a nice weight. Easily made. Reasonable price.

What does Brisa say about it?
“A knife blade to be used for bushcrafting, camping and skinning. One of the best all round compromises.”

I would have to agree with what Brisa has said.

Blade length: 125  mm
Blade width:25-35 mm
Blade thickness:3.8 mm
Total: 235 mm
Steel: 80 CrV2 (HRC 58-59)
Holes2×4.55 1×6.3 mm
Specs of the Nessmuk.

It is designed for  ultralight camping or ultralight backpacking.

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The good news is if you wish to make a Nessmuk you can! Brisa sell a kit. The kit has preshaped handles. So you do not have to dry the wood, shape it or drill anything and it will go together very easily. This is a perfect starter set. So if you need a good companion out on an adventure check out this link.

I do not receive any commission from Brisa.

BRISA Nessmuk 125
BRISA Nessmuk 125
BRISA Nessmuk
BRISA Nessmuk pin alignment.
Nessmuk 125
Nessmuk 125 With wrist strap and fire starter.