PC Upgrades

For PC Upgrades you need to focus your pursuit. What do I mean by that?
Do you want a Gaming machine? Desktop?
Budget busting. Gaming machines can be made on a budget.
First CHECK what you have.
Speccy https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy/download
This helps identify components within your PC.
Why identify what’s in your PC? Did you buy the PC? Do you know what you bought?
There are certain things that you can add or improve in your PC.
Graphics cards, Hard Drives, Faster CPU’s and new slots.

Userbenchmark https://www.userbenchmark.com/
The easiest way to make decisions without spending and money.
Download and run the benchmarking software.
This will then give you a result on a web browser. Now do a second test with as many processes as your PC has running turned off as possible.
You will see results on how your PC compares to others with the same motherboard and CPU.
If your motherboard and CPU are clocking in over 70% you have a good chance that your pc is a good starting point for a good PC that can play most games or makes a good desktop.
What you can do is compare what other upgrades people have made.
Best places to start are Graphics cards. CPU, SSD hard drive and RAM.
Using Speccy you will be able to find out what Motherboard you have and with that a whole wealth of knowledge. For example what CPU’s your mobo can take. How much RAM. What ports you have, what speed they run at. Search engines are your friend.
User benchmarks will provide you with lists of components used by others.
Ram modules https://www.crucial.com/store/systemscanner offer a free scan.

PC Upgrades Buying New Parts

Plenty of options.
Jimms.fi They have a wide range and can order a wide range of products.

Big Box stores
https://www.verkkokauppa.com/ https://www.gigantti.fi https://www.power.fi/ https://www.hobbyhall.fi https://www.veikonkone.fi

Price Comparing
Easiest way to find a bargain

Used PC Upgrades

Something’s you will save a great deal of money by buying pre owned.
For example. If you have a slow pc the cheapest way of buying bulk components is by purchasing a second hand computer. Some people buy a new machine every 2 or 3 years.

You can usually check the components. by search engine.
Eg: HP Elitedesk 800 G1 – the one I found is for sale at 140€
This has some potential for upgrading it can take up to 32gb of ddr3 ram, PCIe slots for a better graphics cards, i7 4th gen compatible. Buying pre owned graphics card, CPU, RAM and a new SSD is a lot cheaper than buying a new PC.

www.tori.fi a one stop shop of pre owned technology.
www.huuto.net some parts are sold in an auction. Fair priced PC RAM to be found.

If you like free things try and check our page about free Image software