wrist warmers by ruskovilla

wrist warmers by ruskovilla

Wrist warmers by Ruskovilla – in short these were a “chance buy” while out on a drive in the countryside.

I am always looking for warm clothes. Photographing the northern lights mean you are outside at night with a clear sky. If you live in a country like Finland you know it gets cold. I have seen the weather down to -30c and I know in the north many people have hunted the aurora in much colder weather.

These warmers have thumb holes which is main reason why I bought them. They are made with soft 100% Merino wool.

I tested them on a recent road trip to Rovaniemi. I was not disappointed. My northern lights hunt got as cold as -12c. Which is cold in my opinion with out anything on your hands. They are comfortable warm and they was not itchy scratchy like I find some woolen products.

I found it very easy to operate my cameras. Set up my tripods. I will confess I had a pair of handmade fur lined mittens ready. But they was not needed at any time on my hunt.

wrist warmers by ruskovilla.
Wrist warmers with thumb holes.
Merino wool

Where do I buy merino wool wrist warmers?

That is a great question. BUT first I want to say I am not sponsored by this company. It was an impulse purchase that paid off. They are a well made warm (toasty warm) product.

The web shop has a wide range of products. Wrist Warmers Link

Reasons to buy them.

  1. They are very warm
  2. Comfortable
  3. Not Itchy (I am quite sensitive).
  4. Great freedom of movement for photography.
  5. They are well made.

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